2-Year-Old Girl Almost Died When Her Mom Was Playing Phone...

Millie YesPanda 2018-10-20

YesPanda: “ We can’t deny the phone addiction we all have to some extent. However, one mom was so drawn to her phone that she didn’t see her daughter fall into the gap between the platform and the train…



We're all guilty of spending too much time on our mobile phones.

One mom at a Beijing train station was so engrossed with her smartphone on Tuesday (Oct 16) that she didn't see her daughter fall into the gap between the platform and the train.

Below is the video clip of the incident.

Fortunately, a station worker saw the five-year-old fall and immediately alerted the control station.


Gladly, the worker wasn’t looking at his phone too...

Once he was given the go-ahead, he instructed the girl to move away from the train door while he moved a panel from the side of the vehicle.

The man later climbed under the carriage to pull the child to safety.

In the video clip taken by a train passenger, the girl could be heard crying and her mother was visibly panicked.

Despite the scare, the girl only suffered a bump to her head.


Very Lucky!


Her mother, on the other hand, was not spared from netizens' harsh criticisms. 


They slammed the woman for not paying attention to her child

One wrote: "It's not the first time I have read this kind of news.”


A moment of inattention may cost a child's life.


In Jan 2017, a four-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool even though his mother was less than 2 meters away from him.

His struggle underwater went unnoticed for about three minutes because she was busy using her mobile phone.


In Oct 2016, a two-year-old girl was killed by a car while she was walking ahead of her mother on the road. The woman was similarly preoccupied with her mobile phone.

May these incidents serve as precautionary tales for all parents when they are out with their kids...

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